AAMOF - As a matter of fact

AC - Adopted child

AD - Adopted daughter

ADD - Attention deficit disorder

ADHD - Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

ADM - Agency decision maker

ADN - Any day now

AFAIK - As far as I know

AK - Adopted kid

AKA - Also known as

AMAP - As much/many as possible

AO - Adoption order

ARF - Adoption revolutionary front

AS - Adopted son

ASAP - As soon as possible

ASD - Autistic spectrum disorder

ATB - All the best/A-to-B

ATEOTD - At the end of the day

ATM - At the moment

ATTN - Attention

AUK - Adoption UK

AVG -Average

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BAC - By any chance

BBL - Be back later

B/C - Because

BD - Birth daughter

BF - Birth father/birth family

BITGOD - Back in the good old days

Bk - Book

BM - Birth mother

BP - Birth parent(s) / blood pressure

BRB - Be right back

BS - Birth son

BTA - But then again

BTW - By the way

BYAM - Between you and me

BYKT - But you knew that

B4 - Before

B4N - Before now/ Bye for now

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CAMHS - Children and Adolescence Mental Health Service

CC - County council

CMIIW - Correct me if I'm wrong

CO - Care order

C/O - Care of

CP Child protection

CU - See you

CUL - See you later

CUL8R - See you later

CWW - Children Who Wait

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DD - Dear daughter / Development delays

DH - Dear husband

DS - Dear son

DIY - Do it yourself

DK - Don’t know

DLA - Disability learning allowance

DOB - Date of birth

DP Dear partner

DTRT - Do the right thing

DW - Dear wife

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E and F

ESP - Especially

FAS - Foetal alcohol syndrome

FAQ - Frequently asked question

FC - Foster carer

FD - Foster daughter

FF - Foster family

FITB - Fill in the blanks

FS - Foster son

FTTT/FT2T - From time to time

FU/4U - For you

FWIW - For what it's worth

FYI - For your information

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G and H

GAFIA - Get away from it all

GFY - Good for you

GMTA - Great minds think alike

GR8 - Great

GTG/G2G - Got to go

GSOH - Good sense of humour

HAND - Have a nice day

HS - Home study

HTH - Hope this helps

H&K - Hugs and kisses

H2 - How to

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I(A)A - Independent (adoption) agency (formally voluntary agency)

IAC - In any case

IAE - In any event

IC - I see

ICBW - I could be wrong

IDTT - I'll drink to that

IIRC - If I remember correctly

IME - In my experience

IMHO - In my honest opinion

IMO - In my opinion

IMPE - In my personal/previous experience

IMPOV - In my point of view

IMS - I must say

IOW - In other words

IWBNI - It would be nice if

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J and L

JFTR - Just for the record

JIC - Just in case

JTYWLTK - Just thought you would like to know

LA - Local authority

LAC - Looked after child/children

LAD - Local authority district

LB - Letterbox (as in letterbox contact)

LMK - Let me know

LO Little one

LOL - Laugh out loud/ Lots of love/Lots of luck

L8R - Later

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M and N

MOF - Matter of fact

MP - Matching panel

MYOB - Mind your own business

M8 - Mate

NAS - Neonatal abstinence syndrome - a group of problems that occur in a newborn who was exposed to addictive opiate drugs while in the mother's womb.

N/M - Never mind

NP - No problem

NYP - Not your problem

NW - No worries

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OMG - Oh my god

OTOH - On the other hand

OT - Occupational therapy/therapist

OTT - Over the top

OTW - On the whole

OW - Oh well

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PAR - Prospective Adopters Report

PAS - Post adoption services/support

PAW - Post adoption worker

PDA - Pathological demand avoidance (syndrome)

PDD - Pervasive developmental disorder

PDQ - Pretty d**m quick

PLS - Please

PM - Private message

POV - Point of view

PTB - Powers that be

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SALT - Speech and language therapy/therapist

SD - Step-daughter/Step-dad

SEN - Special Educational Needs

SENCO - Special Educational Needs coordinator

SGO - Special guardianship order

SITD - Still in the dark

SM - Step-mum

SPAM - (unsolicited bulk emails)

SS - Social services / Step-son

A Statement - Statement of Special Education Needs

SW - Social worker

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TA - Teaching Assistant

TAFN - That's all for now

TAFT - That's a frightening thought

TBC - To be continued

TBH - To be honest

TGIF - That god it's Friday

TIA - Thanks in advance

TIC - Tongue in cheek

TLC - Tender loving care

TPTB - The powers that be

TTBOMK - To the best of my knowledge

TTC - Trying to conceive

TTFN - Ta-Ta for now

TTUL - Talk to you later

TYVM - Thank you very much

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V and W

W/ - With

W/O - Without

WBS - Write back soon

WFM - Works for me

WOM - Word of mouth

WRT - With regard to

WYSIWYG - What you see if what you get

W8 - Wait

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